Login Screen Mockup Videos

I just added links to some video mockups I did of the Login Screen Mockups so hopefully you can get a better idea of what I meant by each mockup.

Either head on over to the updated post or select a link from below:

Kazam 0.11 ‘BugFix Benjamin’ released!

Wow haven’t we come far!

I am proud to announce that the new 0.11 release of Kazam is now open to the public. In this release, I focused on stability and bug fixes (we had 28 of them!) so that people can now try out Kazam without any worries or hassles (after the many issues people faced with the first release). Therefore if issues put you off trying Kazam in the first place, please do try it now!

However that is not to say that we haven’t had any new features!

In this new release of Kazam, we have:

  • A logo created by Robert McKenna!
  • Ability to select screen to record from
  • About dialogs 🙂
  • Pausing in screencasts
  • Ability to select video and audio quality
  • Easier selection of upload URL
  • Ability to go backwards from export window
  • Warning when overwriting

With this new release of Kazam, I have slightly changed the structure of development so it is better for the end-user (you guys!). We now have both a stable and unstable branch and PPA.

The unstable series contains the latest and greatest features in Kazam, however as a result it will be a bit unstable. If you want the very bleeding edge features and don’t mind doing a bit of bug reporting, this series is for you 🙂

The stable series contains the bug fixes that filter down from the unstable branch, as well as new features every periodic release. However to keep the stuff in here as stable, you will not get new features immediately. If you just want stability and are not too fussed about the latest and greatest, this series is for you 🙂


To try out Kazam, either use our stable or unstable PPA:


And again, we are always looking for new contributors 🙂

Why should you use Ubuntu…

It was only a matter until this was made by someone 🙂 (Turn sound on) (Video, below, those viewing in feed readers may have to make the jump)