New Font for Ubuntu Interface

I recently came across the Aller Sans family of fonts and soon realised that they look really good when used on Ubuntu. I had previously been using Droid Sans, however I do now prefer this more elegant looking font.

Comparison of Aller Sans, Droid Sans and the default Ubuntu font

To use them, first download the ZIP file them from the link at the bottom of this post. Once you have downloaded and opened the ZIP, extract all of the .TTF files from the ZIP into a temporary directory (you may delete them once finished). Then go through each file, opening it in the GNOME Font Viewer and then clicking ‘Install Font’ to install it.

Installing the Aller Sans fonts using Font Viewer

Once you have done this, you are free to use them on Ubuntu, if you go to System>Preferences>Appearance>Fonts, you can set them as the fonts used in the Ubuntu interface. Below is a screenshot of how I have them configured.

My font configuration #1

My font configuration #2

Anyway I hope this was useful and now my question to you is:

What font do you use on Ubuntu?


One more xsplash

Here is another xsplash theme, this time based on mr.doob’s most popular xsplash mockup

Elegant xsplash theme

Download Link

Some New xsplash Themes

The other day I was thinking about what happened to all of the xsplash mockups that were created in the karmic cycle and if anything had happened to them.

It turns out that nothing had happened, and these great design were just sitting unnoticed, so I decided to turn some of them into real xsplash themes!

Below are the three I have created. (Thanks to the creators of xsplash, it’s theming is so much easier than usplash!)

Based on mr.doob’s Iteration 5

Download Debian Package

Based on mr.doob’s Iteration 6

Download Debian Package

Based on thorwils’s ‘ideas to explore’

Download Debian Package

Installation Instructions 
Note: Between trying out themes, you must uninstall (as per section below)

1) Download Debian Package and install normally (or run ‘sudo dpkg -i NAME_AND_LOCATION_OF_DEB_FILE’ )
2) Done!

Uninstallation Instructions 
1) Run ‘sudo apt-get install –reinstall ubuntu-xsplash-artwork’ in a terminal

A Magnificent Marsupial

Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala has been released!!!

Hope you like my celebration image 🙂