Wasiliana is back online!!


(Translated : an awesome guy called Frederik on the Vala mailing list has just sent me a vapi file that allows binding of Javascript functions to Vala/Genie functions)

(Translated: I can continue developing Wasiliana!)

This doesn’t mean I shall stop on kazam, but there shall be less progress. On the kazam front, I have developed the start window (where you select audio/video sources), the countdown window and indicator and I have settled on the lossless format to write to disk. I can show you something pretty soon…

Wasilana is stalled until further notice

It makes me really sad but I have to stop wasiliana. I began work on it and was about to start really getting in to it, but unfortunately I cannot.

Because there is no way of calling Vala/Genie functions from Javascript (in Webkit) I cannot develop wasiliana any more. It saddens me, but until we have JavascriptCore bindings in WebkitGtk+ wasiliana is but a hope for the future.

I shall begin work on Kazam and I hope one day wasiliana can be a possibility 😦

(If anyone wants to try and hack something together to make it work, please do, as the WebkitGTK team are very busy at the moment and so cannot provide these bindings yet.)