My Programming Language Timeline

I was reading a PCPro magazine recently and one of the editors wrote down his ‘programming language timeline’.

What is that you ask? A timeline in chronological order of the programming languages you have learned.

I found myself thinking about this last night and realised I have a strange one (okay so HTML and CSS are markup languages!):

HTML > CSS > Javascript > GML > Python > Vala/Genie

What is your programming language timeline? I would be interested to see if we have even more diverse ones!

Time for a meme…

I haven’t seen many memes recently go around the planets and so I decided to start one.

Recently I found a site called which makes it really easy to make a font out of your handwriting, it literally takes 5 minutes and you are done! So below is the meme based on this site.

1) Go to

2) Complete all steps on the site to make your font

3) Paste a screen-capture below of your font

Now, we just have to decide who has the best handwriting… 🙂