LetMeRead : Google Reader

While I think the new Google Reader changes are miles better than the old Google Reader, like others, I think the chrome takes up too much space, and not enough room is allocated to the actual RSS items you are reading.

So I fired up Greasemonkey and created a userscript called LetMeRead that does two things:

  1. Reduces padding on the top bars of Google Reader and adds a border to the right of the sidebar
  2. Adds a Show/Hide button to toggle the visibility of the secondary bar (contains the subscribe button etc.)

Google Reader with LetMeRead installed and the toolbar hidden

Google Reader with LetMeRead installed and the toolbar showing

Google Reader without LetMeRead installed

It has been designed to integrate flawlessly into Google Reader itself and be as unobtrusive as possible. You can install it from its page on userscripts.org

Chromium Updates

The Chromium web browser has just recently had some wicked cool improvements for Linux!

  • First of all they have some very cool bling on the new tab page working (see in video)
  • The Chromium theme now can use the GTK theme as a base (this is really good, see screenshot)
  • And More!!

See the screenshots and video below for a better understanding of the points above (and how Chromium is not quite working with Dark themes yet :-] )

Before | After