Indicator Color

An indicator that allows you to select a color anywhere on the screen and quickly and easily use it in applications

So..yeah…not many people like the look of the new Ubuntu One interface, however I didn’t think it needed to be scrapped, just a little refining (still following the Ubuntu Brand Guidelines) and it can look great (or at least I think so!)

(Here is the current interface

Creative ZEN Stone Tango Icon

A drawing done in Inkscape (in the Tango/elementary style) of my ‘venerable’ Creative ZEN Stone that has lasted ~4 years! Despite me putting it through hell (read: dropping it a lot of times) …

Download the ZIP file at DeviantArt in which there is an SVG File containing all sizes (16, 48, 64 and 128) as well as already rendered PNGs.

Papyrus Feed Reader Mockup

Having gotten fed up of Google Reader’s cluttered and tired looking interface, I decided to mockup what I would want in a feed reader if I created one.


As you can see the main focus was not to distract from the new items. Below the main screen you can see headers for alternative themes that could be used, I wouldn’t restrict users to just the minimalistic grey theme.

Then to the right you have the Add Subscription modal dialog, just keeping everything very simple. Finally you have the Preferences.

Just a note, I am not planning to create this … yet… 🙂

Icons used are from elementary icons and the mario images are from

Login Screen Mockup Videos

I just added links to some video mockups I did of the Login Screen Mockups so hopefully you can get a better idea of what I meant by each mockup.

Either head on over to the updated post or select a link from below:

Login Screen Mockups

Recently I came across a message on the ubuntu-desktop list in which Robert Ancell proposed switching from GDM (the currently login manager in Ubuntu) to LightDM.

One thing I found out I liked about LightDM is that you can pretty much create any type of ‘greeter’ you want. This got me thinking, if there weren’t any restrictions on what I could do (as there currently are with GDM), what would I do with the login screen?

The results of this are below, I have used ideas from:

  • The elementary Project – [link]
  • GDMFaceBrowser Spec – [link]
  • Gnome Shell Login Mockups – [link]


(Click on the images to see full sized version on deviantArt, or the link below them to see a video mockup on YouTube)


Normal ( )


Searching ( )


Account selected ( )





EDIT: Added some video mockups as well 🙂

Any comments? 🙂