So..yeah…not many people like the look of the new Ubuntu One interface, however I didn’t think it needed to be scrapped, just a little refining (still following the Ubuntu Brand Guidelines) and it can look great (or at least I think so!)

(Here is the current interface

2 responses to “

  1. Why so wide and large? Those buttons and list items can be easily half of that size. I got a 1000 dpi mouse, I can precisely point at single pixels without any effort. I’m not some grandma who can’t hold a pointer steady. I got a large screen so I want to have more on it, not less.

    Also: I hate touchscreens and gui optimizations aimed at them at the cost of my traditional devices :-P. If I need to have something larger I just use the zoom desktop effect.

    • Yes but you are not everyone 🙂

      Anyway I didn’t think it was that big, and if you really want it small, you can always just make the window smaller

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