Colorific! – A Useful Tool for Gtk/Cairo Developers

Recently I have been doing some work with Gtk and Cairo (i.e. drawing custom widgets).

To make sure the custom widget doesn’t look strange in all GTK themes except your own, a nice convention is to use GTK colours from the user’s GTK theme.

However sometimes it can be difficult knowing which colour to use, whether one colour in one theme will work for another colour in another theme…

So I created Colorific, a simple little program that shows you all the colours you have to work with in a GTK theme, and allows you to switch GTK theme on the fly.

To download and install it, just run the following commands:

bzr branch lp:~and471/+junk/colorific
cd colorific

Colorific! should then be available from Applications > Programming > Colorific!

To remove it, just run:


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