Lock Screen Dialog Mockup

I was not really happy with the current GNOME lock screen dialog (top). It seemed to waste a lot of space and the stark black background was a bit…well…stark 😛

So I tried to redesign the dialog itself so it didn’t waste as much space and then added a background and a drop shadow to make it integrate a bit better with the current desktop.

The wallpapers used are ‘Relax’ by ~Big-sb (http://bit.ly/bokjQS) (middle) and the Ubuntu Maverick wallpaper (bottom).

Any comments?


4 responses to “Lock Screen Dialog Mockup

  1. Michael

    Yeah, looks neater, maybe suggest this upstream

  2. George

    I like your design better than the standard Gnome lock screen. Maybe it can incorporate the wallpaper of the current user or the wallpaper from GDM.

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