My Programming Language Timeline

I was reading a PCPro magazine recently and one of the editors wrote down his ‘programming language timeline’.

What is that you ask? A timeline in chronological order of the programming languages you have learned.

I found myself thinking about this last night and realised I have a strange one (okay so HTML and CSS are markup languages!):

HTML > CSS > Javascript > GML > Python > Vala/Genie

What is your programming language timeline? I would be interested to see if we have even more diverse ones!


8 responses to “My Programming Language Timeline

  1. I wouldn’t call this “learned”, more like “tried out and written a couple of test apps”:

    DOS batch files → QBasic → Turbo Pascal → HTML → C++ → C++/VCL → Java → C++/Qt → PHP → Bash → ?

    Right now I usually use PHP-cli and Bash to do my scripting and I struggle to learn C++/Qt more.

  2. MSX-Basic -> GW Basic -> Visual Basic -> Python -> C -> PHP -> C# -> Common Lisp -> Haskell -> Erlang -> OCaml -> Factor.

    Sticking with C# (work) and Erlang (hobby) for now.

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  4. PeteB


    Sinclair BASIC, BBC BASIC III, MS BASIC, BBC BASIC IV, MS QBX, Pascal, HTML, ASP, PHP, Java, JavaScript

    Oh, and there’s a healthy dose of SQL in there some place too.

  5. Kazade

    Hehe, mines a bit crazy…

    DOS Batch Files -> SmallTalk -> Delphi -> C++ -> C -> Pascal -> VB -> Java -> Python -> C# -> Vala

    Although C++ and Python remain my most used and favourite languages. I use Vala when it makes sense though.

  6. Here’s mine! I also included some scripting:

    C > C ++ > VB > Java > JavaScipt > HTML > PHP > CSS > Python > jQuery

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