Wasilana is stalled until further notice

It makes me really sad but I have to stop wasiliana. I began work on it and was about to start really getting in to it, but unfortunately I cannot.

Because there is no way of calling Vala/Genie functions from Javascript (in Webkit) I cannot develop wasiliana any more. It saddens me, but until we have JavascriptCore bindings in WebkitGtk+ wasiliana is but a hope for the future.

I shall begin work on Kazam and I hope one day wasiliana can be a possibility 😦

(If anyone wants to try and hack something together to make it work, please do, as the WebkitGTK team are very busy at the moment and so cannot provide these bindings yet.)


9 responses to “Wasilana is stalled until further notice

  1. Aaron

    hi all, sad indeed.
    However, there’s been plenty of people suggest using something other than Vala/Genie for this project. I get the feeling we could write something that maintains the original ideas using another language.

    Does anyone want to pick this up and develop it under something else? I’m happy to assist where I can

    • I would respectfully ask that you don’t pick it up, I really want this to be my pet project.

      I would be happy to do it under say Python, however I wanted the speed of Vala/Genie. If this is not as important to other people, then I would definitely reconsider.

  2. Andrew, the solution would be to provide a Vala mapping to the JavascriptCore library as part of the software, in the form of a .vapi file, then use a custom –vapidir option when compiling. Shotwell does this for the gphoto2 library for instance.

    The details on how to do that using vapigen are here: http://live.gnome.org/Vala/Bindings

    I’ll get the Wasilana code and will see if I can get it to work.

    On the other hand, I’m also very happy that you’ve decided to start on Kazam as I am very interested in that project and would be happy to help there too.

  3. Mmm… It doesn’t look like you’ve committed any Wasiliana code to Launchpad so I can’t get a copy to try and sort out the JavascriptCore bindings.

  4. wrinkliez

    So you are going to spend more time with Kazam. If you’ll excuse me saying so, we already have full featured email clients. Kazam fills in a deadspot. Needless to say, I’m pretty hyped.

  5. Soares

    I too think, that Kazam would fill a bigger spot and welcome any efforts. I tried numerous solutions until I finally settled with ffmpeg, and the results are quite pleasing, but an integrated solution that hopefully would add some kind of screen and mouse visualization would be very much appreciated.

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