Rant about new Ubuntu website

Hi guys, as you know the new Ubuntu website has just been released and whilst I am glad it is finally out, I do have some issues with it (I have to be brief because of lack of time).

Screenshot of New Ubuntu Homepage

  1. Size
    Being a website that will be well-visited, I have no idea why there are 32! external CSS files and 16! external javascript files. It also fails to use gzip compression and a whole host of other factors that decrease download amount and time. I am sorry Canonical but this just isn’t good.
  2. Layout
    I don’t know what it is, but on pages like these http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop my eyes just start crying. I cannot see clearly any layout and things like padding etc. are all over the place
  3. Fonts
    Not only do the layout flaws not help, but the font size etc. are all over the place. On a page like this http://www.ubuntu.com/community the sizes have no relationship to the order of the page and make it harder to read again.

Having said this, I think the new Ubuntu website (and Canonical’s new website) is a lot better than the old one (I especially like the new theme) however I am slightly disappointed about the three points above. The points above are simple points that make the site look a bit amateurish and with Canonical’s usual high standards, I was a bit surprised 😦


One response to “Rant about new Ubuntu website

  1. It’s a Drupal site, and looks like someone forgot to check the “Use compression” box in the Performance panel there.
    A weird unprofessional quirk.

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