Howto: Make NetworkManager stop asking for your password on login

Hi guys, I have upgraded to Lucid, but one thing that annoys me when I upgrade is that Network Manager never ceases to ask me for my password!

I prefer to have auto-login turned (yes, yes I know, it is insecure) and so my ‘keyring’ is not unlocked when I log in, meaning that NetworkManager has to ask me for my password, to unlock the keyring, to unlock the key to my wireless network connection. Fortunately there is an easy way to solve this,  explained below.

  1. Firstly, go to Applications > System > Preferences > Network Connections

    Location of the Network Connections menuitem

  2. Then navigate to the tab where your internet connection is. For me, this is the Wireless tab, as I connect to the internet using a wireless network. Once in this tab, select your network connection and click the Edit button

    The Wireless tab, in the Network Connections dialog

  3. A dialog should just have appeared and at the bottom of this dialog, select the option (so that it is ticked) named Available to all users

    Setting the network connection to be available to all users

  4. Finally click the Apply button, a PolicyKit dialog should appear asking you for your password (for the last time!). Enter your password, click Authenticate and you are done!

    Authenticating our changes

I prefer this method as your keyring is not unlocked, it will still have to be entered for SSH keys etc. which offers extra security. You can’t even see the Wireless Key without entering your password, however you will be able to use the wireless network without NetworkManager asking for your password 🙂


5 responses to “Howto: Make NetworkManager stop asking for your password on login

  1. Kevin

    Except… after clicking “Authenticate” it doesn’t actually _do_ anything except remove the password field from the dialog box. Ubuntu is so temptingly close to working, only to have it screw up regularly.

    Upgrading was a mistake.

  2. Fify

    Thanks. Works like a charm 🙂

  3. Daniel

    Thanks a lot! Awesome 🙂


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