WebKit Claws-Mail Plugin

Hi Everyone.

I have been using Claws Mail for a while now (I love it’s speed and lack of memory footprint) however there was one thing that was bugging me, rendering html email.

I had been using the gtk2html plugin, however sometimes it would not render html emails correctly, and it took a long time to render any html, it didn’t fit in with the speedy profile of Claws Mail.

I was thinking today about the speedy webkit rendering engine, and how that would fit in with Claws Mail, luckily for me, a quick google found out that someone was one step ahead, they had created a webkit plugin for Claws Mail.

The author? Salvatore De Paolis . His blog post here showed me how to get the sources and so I downloaded them straight away.

After a few compiling woes, I found there was one more package I needed to install (libenchant-dev) and I was away. It compiled and installed successfully and I am now using the very speedy webkit plugin 🙂

I shall try to make an Ubuntu Package, however I have exams this week so it may not be for a while.

Anyone who needs the library instantly, can email me (email located at launchpad) and I shall send them the library file (compiled for 32-bit only).


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