New Entry for the Browser Wars!

Google have just announced they are going to release a new (open source) internet browser tomorrow, called Google Chrome. It is based on both Mozilla Firefox and Webkit and incorporates Google Gears into the formula (well what did you expect :-] ).

The developers have presented the ideas behind it in a unique and effective way, a comic strip. You can read it here

When I first read the announcment, I was a bit sceptical, here comes another browser that will die of in the first few weeks, but having read the core ideas in the comic book, I am really looking forward to it.

It seems as though the engineers behind Chrome have sat down and really had a think about the good elements and shortcomings of current browsers, fixed the latter and then brought them all together.

There are very few details out at the moment, however I have read that the Windows version comes out tomorrow with other OS releases not specified. I do hope that Chrome comes to Linux (and not like Picassa did with wine) as I think it could really shake up our current thinking of modern internet browsing.


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