Indicator Color

An indicator that allows you to select a color anywhere on the screen and quickly and easily use it in applications


So..yeah…not many people like the look of the new Ubuntu One interface, however I didn’t think it needed to be scrapped, just a little refining (still following the Ubuntu Brand Guidelines) and it can look great (or at least I think so!)

(Here is the current interface

HowTo: Pack Gtk CellRenderers vertically in a Gtk TreeView

var treeview = Gtk.TreeView();
var column = new Gtk.TreeViewColumn();

var cellrenderer_1 = Gtk.CellRendererPixbuf();
var cellrenderer_2 = Gtk.CellRendererText();

column.add_attribute(cellrenderer_1, "pixbuf", 0);
column.add_attribute(cellrenderer_2, "markup", 1);

(column.get_area() as Gtk.Orientable).set_orientation(Gtk.Orientation.VERTICAL);

column.pack_start(cellrenderer_1, false);
column.pack_start(cellrenderer_2, false);


Cairo Context/Surface to Gdk Pixbuf

Cairo Surface to Gdk Pixbuf

Gdk.pixbuf_get_from_surface(surface, 0, 0, surface.get_width(), surface.get_height());

Cairo Context to Gdk Pixbuf

Gdk.pixbuf_get_from_surface(context.get_target(), 0, 0, context.get_target().get_width(), context.get_target().get_height());


That is all…

Ubuntu 11.10 – Windows lose titlebar

Just a quick fix, if you find that all of your windows in Ubuntu lose their titlebar’s when maximised and want the previous behaviour back, just modify the gconf key that lives under:



That is all 🙂